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2024 Season


A Play by Marlin Thomas

A black man confronts a distant white relative with evidence that he continues to benefit from slavery and demands some
of his wealth.

Featured November 11, 2023

A Play by Ashley Griffin

The Illusionary Games of Edward Rye

World famous psychological illusionist Edward Rye has made his fortune demonstrating to the world that free will is merely, well, an illusion. But when, desperate for a challenge, he decides to use Claire Fox - an intelligent but fragile staff member at his show, as the subject of his next meta experiment his world is turned upside down and he is forced to question everything he once believed. A "Twilight Zone" eque play, EDWARD RYE has received development over the past year and has a cast of four. Malcolm Stephenson is attached to play Edward.

A Play by Julia Marie Black

Everything Feels Like the End of the World

A doubtful angel with a troubled past, Angie, and a cocky demon with a seeming heart of gold, Devon, are sent to earth to fight over the soul of a suicidal teenager. But when they find out how much they have in common, their world views about life, death and everything that comes after are upended and they are forced to work together before the teenager’s decision potentially
condemns both of them to eternal punishment.

Twista Fate

A Play by Mike Westby

What if we are all just a decision or two apart from each other?

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