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a new work jam session where

in one magical afternoon

Writers share their story

Actors tell the story

Directors shape the story

Producers find the story

How it works

New Plays and Screenplays

Either on-line or in-person, on a Saturday afternoon we'll bring our community of union actors and a director to a new work from our curated submissions. The actors come without rehearsal but loaded with their character ideas and ready to play. Like the first day on set, but book-in-hand, the actors present the first 60 minutes of the script, moving impulsively, and reacting to the other characters. The Director for the next 30 minutes offers their ideas for character, style, tone, and ideas about climax. The actors take the adjustments and ideas into the reading of the last 60 minutes of the script. Following that will be a guided Q and A with the writer and all participants. Producers are invited to attend and given synopsis and actor/director information in advance of the day.

On-Line and In-Person LA,NYC, and London

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